Smart Electronic Block Kit - Happy Peaks
Smart Electronic Block Kit - Happy Peaks

Smart Electronic Block Kit

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"Data, Data, Data, I can't make bricks without clay".

---Sherlock Holmes

What this is all about ?

These electronic building block series is specially designed and can quickly assemble all kinds of interesting electric circuits. Due to its special design of connecting buttons, it eliminates the frustrations of handling small and delicate components and is entirely safe to set up various useful and funny circuits quickly.

Nearly all the illustrations in the manual are of the same size as the real assembled circuits, so it is unbelievably easy to follow and completely foolproof.
This electronic kit can be assembled to basic series circuits, parallel circuits, series-parallel circuits, and projects with a fan, a lamp, a motor, a buzzer, a LDR, a LED, a reed switch, a music IC...These simple circuits can be set up very quickly.

Give your child an entertaining, concrete education on how electronics work.

What's in the Box
Plastic snap-grid, 17 electrical components, and a project manual.

Type: Blocks
Gender: Unisex
Age Range: > 3 years old
Plastic Block Shape: Irregular Shape
Classification: Assemblage
Brand Name: TELECOOL
Model Number: W-58@#GSLXC
Warning: Inedible
Material: Plastic
Plastic Type: ABS