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Traffic Lights Experiment

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"Success does not come from what you do occasionally, but what you do repeatedly"

What is it about ?

Traffic light assembly model is a science education kit, you can quickly let children know traffic lights.

How to use it ?

The following pressure-type terminals have 3 interfaces, simply plug the power into the appropriate interface, you can light the corresponding color of the lamp.
Installation note, a small light bulb iron feet have positive and negative points, the long pin then positive, the end pin negative.

It needs to be equipped with 2 AA batteries. Which contains two yellow light bulbs, the remaining color contains only one.

ABS plastic

Size: 75 * 115 * 150mm

DIY: Material package, with instructions

Battery: two AA batteries (not included)

Gender: Unisex

Age Range: > 6 years old

Brand Name: jmt

Type: DIY Handmade

Material: ABS