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5x5 Magic Cube For Kids

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Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try..

What is it about ?

It's a 5x5 Magic Cube For Kids


Base Color: Colorized
Material: ABS
Product Size: 6.2* 6.2* 6.2cm
Product Weight: 140g
Package Dimensions: 7* 7* 7 cm
Package Weight: 160g
Packing: Carton Box
Package Content:
1 x Magic Cube


Scratch-proof frosted surface design that allows following advantages:

No scratches, allowing for greater longevity;
Not reflective with a low refractive index, allowing for color recognition even in poor lighting conditions;
No fingerprints, giving the cubes a cleaner look;
Gives the cube a more tactile appearance. The bright color is more harmoniously coordinated, more beautiful,and provides easier color distinction.

In consideration of big cube speedcubing methods, it has widened outer layers, which enhances the cube's controllability, giving you a faster 3x3 stage.

The edges piece contact surfaces and feet together feature anti-stick grooves, creating outstanding anti-stick ability.
Optimized round corner design - conservative inner corner rounding grants flexibility while maintaining stability; more pronounced outer corner rounding provides superior corner cutting.
Practice your brain and improve your memory.
Perfect for testing your mental skill and patience.

Type: Puzzle Cube
Material: Plastic
Brand Name: Global Drone
Order Number: 5x5x5
Warning: far away from fire