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Electromagnetic Science Swing Set Educational Toy

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 "Failure is success if we learn from it."

---Malcolm Forbes

What this experiment is all about ? 

Scientist Galileo saw the chandelier wobble by the wind in the church. Using the method of measuring the pulse beat, he first found that the period of the pendulum was basically unchanged regardless of the swing amplitude. 

Later mathematicians proved this in theory, and physicist Huygens developed pendulum clocks based on this principle. The electromagnetic swing is like a pendulum, no matter how big the swing is, the period of swing back and forth is basically the same. After switch is on, when the swing becomes larger and larger, you can observe that no matter how big the swing is, swing back and forth swing the time is basically unchanged.

This is the principle of simple pendulum cycle invariance.

How to conduct this experiment ?

1. Put two nails into short wood and stick crabstick and battery box with double-sided glue.
2. Glue the drawing person on the coil. Scrape the enameled wire on both sides of the coil. 
3. Put the copper wire in the battery box in the middle of the enamelled wire, and link the other end to the nail.


Material: wooden, electronic components
Product size: 14x11x3.5cm/5.51x4.33x1.38inch
Age of application: primary and secondary school students
Type of toy: intellectual development

Model Number: Model Building Kits
Type: Wood Electromagnetic Science Swing Set
Theme: Science
Age Range: > 8 years old
Material: wooden, electronic components