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DIY Science Toys Dynamo Generator Model

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What this experiment is all about ?
The closed coil rotates in the magnetic field, and the inductive current is generated by electromagnetic induction, so the principle of its generation is battery induction.

 How to conduct this experiment ?
1. Stick four small squares to the four corners of the board with glue. Wait for 15-20 minutes until glue to solidify.
2. after glue solidification, assemble the drive shaft with yellow sleeve clamp, small white rotating axis toward the inside.
3.install swing arm and drive wheel, and use yellow sleeve clamp.
4.tie the motor bracket under the skew beam with the strapping band, or put it flat on the board. Install the motor.
5.install a belt, a short belt for the top wheel, a long belt to connect the motor wheel and the top;
6: use double-sided adhesive to fix USB plate, red wire to positive pole, black wire to negative electrode, complete assembly. Because the circuit needs a steady current to start off, speed up a few laps (or pick up a belt bomb several times) until the lights turn on to slow down the speed.


Material: environmentally friendly wood, plastic and metal components
Product size: 9.5x6x11cm/3.74x4.33x2.36inch
Age of application: over 3 years old
Type of toy: intellectual development

Please Note: This product does not contain paints and pen brushes. Batteries needs to be purchased.

Model Number: DIY Generator Model
Age Range: > 8 years old
Warning: DIY Science Toys
Type: DIY Generator Model
Material: wood, plastic and metal components