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DIY Newtons Pendulum Balance Balls

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Routine does not allow us to progress. 

What this experiment is about ?

Five ball impact pendulum is a demonstration device that can collide and swing energy conversion and transmission. 

How to conduct this experiment?

The ball A is put gently, and the potential energy is gradually converted into kinetic energy. 

Until collision ball B transfers kinetic energy to ball B, B is passed to C... Until E. 

The ball E is hit to a certain height, and the kinetic energy is converted into potential energy. 

The sphere E is swung back to the opposite direction and the ball A hits a certain height.


Materials: wooden parts / glass beads / screws / rope (no glue) /fine drawing wire.

Product size: long 16cm/6.3", wide 12cm/4.72", high 12cm/4.72"

Notes: Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.

Model Number: Model Building Kits
Type: Newtons Pendulum
Material: Wood
Gender: Unisex
Theme: Science
Warning: None
Age Range: > 6 years old