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DIY Electric Lift Kids

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"Lateral thinking is not concerned with existing pieces, but with seeking to change those existing pieces."

---Edward De Bono

What is it about ?

Let your kids learn how the lift works through this simple DIY Experiment !!

How to conduct the experiment ?

  1. Use glue to stick the wood, it needs 20 minutes to dry, so please wait patiently. 
  2. The Long end is Positive and the Short End is Negative
  3. The Left side is Positive and the Right Side is Negative
  4. Connect the red wire to the Positive side and the black wire with the Negative side
  5. Close the switch after installing the battery.
  6. After installing the battery, if the motor don not run, please check that the switch is closed or check the wire connection is correct and not loose.


Theme: Transportation
Brand Name: Happyxuan
Age Range: 8~13 Years