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3D Wooden Miniature Dollhouse Furniture Kit

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"The best artists know, what to leave out."

-- Charles De Lint

What is it about ?

This is a DIY non-finished wooden house model kit. It comes with separate parts for your kid to assemble the house and furniture by themselves, to help develop intelligence, patience and practical abilities.


- Color: Mainly pink
- Material: Wood, fabric, paper, plastic
- Size: 17 x 13 x 13cm
- High quality natural wood without odor. Safe for kids to use. Lightweight for portable movement.
- Exquisite furniture, perfect details and realistic environment, with pleasant color and brightness.
- Separate parts for different use, you can give full freedom to your kids imagination.
- DIY assembly process will help to enhance intelligence, creativity, patience and practical abilities.
- Warm color LED lights