Is Technology Killing Creativity in Kids ?

I've worked with hundreds of heroin addicts and crystal meth addicts, and what I can say is that it's easier to treat a heroin addict than a true screen addict—Dr. Nicholas Kardaras

Gadgets take a lot of time and it leaves no time to think. How many kids are daydreamers today? Daydreaming leads to curiosity. But the curiosities are solved with a click on the gadget. Kids are addicted to smartphones. Expressions of words are changed to emojis, likes and shares.

Digital Devices are turning us into zombies

You’ve probably heard a family member say this before… “Kids don’t know how to talk anymore”

 Or this … “Kids are addicted to smartphones”.

Technology has an uncanny ability to keep us dependent. Modern research is warning us already, that there is no difference between how our brain reacts to our phone screens and cocaine. We need our social updates just as much as an alcoholic needs one more drink.

So the generations growing up in today’s technology are particularly vulnerable to an addiction that can alter their personalities and make them indifferent to the world and people around them. No one is immune from this aspect of modern life, but smartphones and social media pose a much larger risk to children.

Today kids do not use their hands to create like they used to; everything they do is virtual, not touchable, but scientific, DIY and Play kits, would surely give children valuable skills.  So, it is extremely important to give a child the opportunity to physically explore the world around them.

When you look at technology, the Internet is inundating kids with so much information, they can’t focus on one thing (almost like Internet-induced ADHD).  Instead of the Internet causing creativity to disappear from young people, it might just be a problem of multitasking – thinking you can do a lot of things well and in reality, doing none of them well.

Another perspective is, the Internet is the largest, most comprehensive encyclopedia ever known to man. There is enough information to become an expert in almost any topic. The Internet is not making children brain-dead; in fact, it should be the opposite. It should be making a generation of incredibly knowledgeable and skillful children.

So, what is the answer?  Do we shut down the power to our computers and wrestle the smartphone away from our kids?  Or do we embrace the power of the Internet (and technology)? Probably, like almost everything else in the world, moderation is the key.  As a Greek philosopher once said, “Throw moderation to the winds and the greatest pleasures bring the greatest pains” and that still holds true today. If our kids become too dependent on the Internet, they may, indeed, have great pains dealing with the harsh reality of the real world.

So, let them use the Internet as a tool and resource, but, also get them some time away from it; have them build things, or draw, or simply read a book.  Then, we’ll have the best shot ensuring that the next generation is also a creative generation.

Technology doesn’t kill creativity but it can make it harder on your kids.

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