How playing games can help a child achieve it dreams?

Games, role-play or challenges allow your children to make small achievements and enhance their creativity. If children can achieve on a small scale, they’ll learn two important things:

  1. Achieving on a large scale is possible.
  2. The process of achieving (motivation, organization, intensity, and determination) works.

The importance of this process isn’t really about the initial dream. It’s about teaching children how to achieve anything. Achieving is a process of motivation, organization, intensity, and determination. We want them to learn the process so that even if their dreams change, their chances of success do not.

But there’s more to it, than what meets the eye. Children also have their own internal motivation just as we all do. But internal motivation alone shouldn’t be the only thing driving them.

Not only is your motivation important to their success, it’s important to them emotionally. They care what you think. If you’re on their side, anything is possible, and when times get tough they’re going to come to you for support.

Be a haven of positive thoughts and outlooks, provide support without offering unsolicited advice, and help them persevere when they’re looking down.

If you do these things, your children can do or be whatever they dream…

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