Help your Children turn their Dreams into Reality

A child’s dreams have no ceiling. They think about their future career, their wealth, their education, their travels and so on and their dreams can be huge.

As far as careers go, some will choose the typical police officer, fire fighter, or doctor. Others will choose Astronaut, Olympian, or President. If we’re talking about wealth, some will aspire to simply “have money.” Others will seek a business empire or the ability to retire at age 40 or younger.

As parents, we have more control over whether our children achieve their dreams than we might think. You might think that your child’s dreams are unrealistic but you should believe in your child because they believe in themselves; and you’re probably the only other support they have. For kids, you are their inspiration, motivation, and leadership.

Some of us didn’t realize their dreams and therefore feel the children wouldn’t either. If that’s the case, it’s definitely not true the same will happen with your child. Be hopeful and optimistic, it sure can move mountains.

Children dream big; that’s what’s great about them. As far as kids are concerned, anything is possible. And that’s how it should be. If you deny your children’s dreams, or their right to dream, you are undermining their chances of achievement.

If your children are going to realize their dream of being the first Astronaut to land on Mars, the last thing they need is you screwing things up.

Parents get in the way when they:

  • Deny their children’s dreams.
  • Control their children.
  • Don’t teach their children life skills.
  • Don’t provide a quality education.
  • Preach a negative view on life.

Your goal as a parent is to meet your parental obligations and provide a path toward success for your children to follow. If you cut off your children before they even get started, it doesn’t just crush them right now, it will negatively impact them in their adult life.

So, do everything within your power to make sure they are being set up to succeed. We’re here to support you as well, to bring out the best in your child.

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